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With my tummy full from Smirve goodies, it was off to Platinum mall with Eve. I’ve been to Bangkok many times and shopped at the weekend market Chatuchak, MBK (Mahboonkrong), as well as Central Chitlom and the rest of the main central shopping district. However, I’ve never been to Platinum!


Platinum is a fashion wholesale mall that is largely dominated by women fashion and accessories. It reminded me of Lai Chi Kok wholesale centre that I went to in Hong Kong! 



It was a Sunday and traffic was already smoother than usual, but there were still a lot of cars and taxis getting to the area. And then I spotted a ‘home’ under the bridge..


I can’t help but feel sorry for him, why does he have to put up in such living conditions? 


Inside Platinum, it was packed full of people (mostly women) and a lot had huge bags on them as they were buying things in bulk to sell again elsewhere. 80% of the shops there are for women and I actually managed to walk around the six floors of shops (there are eight floors altogether)! There were many things that caught my eye but it was simply too crowded to stop at every shop that had something I might like.


Eve was great company, having the patience to walk around with me and it was very nice having a girlfriend to shop with. Thank goodness she can speak English otherwise it would have been a very quiet trip!


I saw all these hats and I do think hats complete an outfit well, just that I’m too lazy to put them on because I will end up leaving it behind somewhere. Still, my outfit that day seemed like it could do with a hat…

260024_218594458174799_131620790205500_678243_841100_n260174_218594578174787_131620790205500_678245_751796_nCute? I didn’t get any though the hat does look quite good… I will honestly misplace it somewhere!


Here are some interesting sights from my afternoon at Platinum:

263838_218594234841488_131620790205500_678242_4523491_nComing up the escalator, I saw this shop and burst out laughing at the mannequins! Cat and horse heads?! 

263048_218594141508164_131620790205500_678240_1389639_nThis boy was too lazy to walk and decided ‘leeching’ onto his mother’s bag would be easier to move around. The poor mum had to drag the bag AND him along as she battled her way through the crowds…

261504_218594634841448_131620790205500_678246_7125224_nOmg, an entire fishnet outfit?!

255754_218594674841444_131620790205500_678247_3777196_nWouldn’t anyone wearing this catch a cold?!

264759_218594734841438_131620790205500_678248_8351069_nAnd I wonder what the big hole is for… 

253939_218594768174768_131620790205500_678250_138964_nWhat cute telephones!


After three hours of walking, Eve took me to Healthland (popular Thai massage chain) so we could get a massage but it was full and waiting time was like two hours for a full body massage! Forget it.. We went to another massage place instead and I got my one-hour much-needed and long-awaited foot reflexology session while Eve went for a full body massage.

252904_218595161508062_131620790205500_678255_657700_n264919_218595124841399_131620790205500_678254_5823149_nYes this is the wonderful beautiful Eve who accompanied me! :) She works as a secretary to Max in the day and is a race queen on weekends! ;) I told her I don’t use make-up at all and she said she cannot ever step out of the house without make-up…

263689_218595804841331_131620790205500_678262_5646291_nI really really liked my outfit so much! Not a usual look of Cheryl Tay, but I can carry it off.. no? :p Max said he prefers to see me in my sporty get-up with the bazooka-like camera equipment and shorts with sneakers… :(


Guess what I found! More Pocky Lychee!!

260169_218596794841232_131620790205500_678277_6811039_nBack to the hotel for a rest and then I went out for supper… Because it is a Sunday, most of the nightout places were already closed by 12mn so we drove around and finally found Foodland! Foodland is a 24-hour giant supermarket which also has a cafe so I grabbed some midnight sausages…


This is Butcher’s Choice which has a combination of five different types of sausages coupled with garlic bread and other horrible-tasting vegetables. It’s all instant food! Check out this Shanghai Noodles with vegetables removed on request…

254181_218853871482191_131620790205500_680688_102576_nJust look at that – it looks so fake and plastic-ky right? 

263933_218853834815528_131620790205500_680687_4893143_nTook Lae Dee means cheap and good by the way.

262125_218853898148855_131620790205500_680689_4443524_nYou can sit by the counter or sit at small tables on small stools like what i did…


262233_218853981482180_131620790205500_680693_5635320_nThe sausages were oily, rubbery and not something that I would want to eat again. I was told Thong Lhor is a happening place that I must go to get a taste of Bangkok’s nightlife. Anyone wants to take me there the next time I am in Bangkok? 

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