Baby-G fights the cold with me at Motegi

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If you have been following my posts on My Baby-G Style, you would have seen it exploring Ho Chi Minh City with me, along with other adventures.


Right now Baby-G is with me at Twin Ring Motegi international circuit for the finale of the 2011 Super Taikyu Series.. yes, Baby-G is in its originating country of birth! [Spot the black watch on my wrist - that's My Baby-G!]


It was -1°C yesterday and I had about 4 to 5 layers of clothing on me:

379119_294046490629595_131620790205500_917967_1327656641_nI am here with the PETRONAS Syntium Team whose BMW Z4M Coupe No. 1 just secured the overall Super Taikyu championship title at Round 5 yesterday. This is their 4th consecutive Super Taikyu title!


Today is the sixth and final race of the season and their second car (No. 28) looks set to keep their overall second position in the championship. This is one of the drivers of car No. 28, Fariqe Hairuman of Malaysia, who has been with the team for 11 years and counting! [Can you spot my Baby-G BGA-200PD-1B on my left wrist?]


Coincidentally, the clock at the PETRONAS Syntium pit is from Casio:


I spotted some personalised apples that bore the names of the drivers and the team’s sponsors, how cool is that!


I was trying to stack them up for some artistic shot, but I failed to do so :(


Ah forget it, I’ll just pose with it then! The apple I’m holding in the picture below bears the name of the driver in the same photo:


Here’s me hanging out with Malaysian rookie driver Dominic Ang:


Anyway, just to prove that time is SO crucial in motor racing - 


PETRONAS Syntium Team has two cars in this year’s 2011 Super Taikyu Series – the BMW Z4M Coupe No. 1 and No. 28. In yesterday’s Round 5, car No. 28 edged out their sister car No. 1 by 0.016 seconds for pole position! 



Although car No. 28 started in pole position for both races in Round 5 yesterday, it failed to convert it into a race win because of a mechanical failure in the first race that forced it to retire early from the race, while it got beaten by its sister car in the second race.



Today, car No. 1 took pole position 0.388 seconds ahead of their sister car No. 28. Elsewhere in the another part of the world in Brazil is the last race of the 2011 Formula 1 season too. There, the top 10 drivers can easily qualify within 1 second of each other. You get what I mean? Means the qualifying time of the first driver and the 10th driver differ by less than 1 second. 

317262_294239737276937_131620790205500_918502_324720156_nAlright, I’m back to go watch the newly-crowned 2011 Super Taikyu champions (as of picture above: Masataka Yanagida, Dominic Ang and Nobuteru Taniguchi) win the last race of the season!


Btw, I have some free time the next two days before I visit the Tokyo Motorshow – I promise to go check out the Baby-G shops in Japan so my Baby-G can have some company! 


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> A watch is more than just the essence of time.


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