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People who are not car fanatics or racing enthusiasts probably think that cars and engines all sound the same – noisy and loud.

F1GrandPrixMalaysiaQualifying3r24yUJUj9NlChristian Horner, team principal of F1 world champion team Red Bull Racing


However, those who understand cars to a deeper level will know what I mean about listening beyond all that “noise” and appreciating the purring of the engine – music to my ears, but noise to others; just like how one man’s meat is another man’s poison.


Showing appreciation for sounds is not something that everyone performs on a daily basis, unless involved in fields like music and even cars – mechanics have to listen to the engines and try to hear what is wrong in which part. 

Mechanic_standing_under_raised_car_listening_to_my_mec_0146A latest involvement of mine with sound comes in the form of three letters – A, K and G. Along with six other bloggers, we have been carefully selected from over 100 interested bloggers to participate in the AKG K3003 – The Sound of Luxury blog campaign. 

akg6I had the opportunity to try out the high-end AKG K3003 (MSRP S$1,599) which I will blog about in a separate upcoming entry and have also become the proud owner of three brand new AKG headsets – the K518 Limited Edition…

380276_10150359338847116_717062115_8859673_1068040556_n_copy… as well as the Q 350 and the Q 460 from the Quincy Jones signature collection. Together, these three will integrate into my lives, enhancing sounds of my driver interview recordings, drifting videos and other racing-related sound bites I am exposed to often. I use ear/headphones quite a fair bit without realising it – for my Blackberry, PC laptop, iPad, MacBook, iPod Nano for both work and leisure.

383276_10150394524077710_602152709_8167987_1512115029_nAs my interview with drivers are done in a motor racing environment, it is extremely vital that I use a good pair of ear/headphones to play back the recordings and ensure that I hear the drivers’ answers loud and clear so I don’t misquote them! 


I will give a more detailed review of each AKG headset so do come back to my website to read about my insights. My posts will also be up on the official AKG blog here!


Just in case you do not know what AKG is, here’s a little introduction:


AKG was founded in Vienna by Dr. Rudolf Goerike and Ernst Pless in 1947, who got the first AKG microphones into radio stations, theatres and jazz clubs within months! The first AKG headphones came on the market in 1949 before other breakthrough products emerged in the early 50s. One of the first customers of the famous C 12 microphone was the BBC in London!


AKG went public in 1984 (gosh, I wasn’t even born then!) and then the US subsidiary of AKG was founded the following year. The brand just kept expanding, with initiatives such as the acquisition of dbx Professional Products in 1989. The expansion continued into the 90s with more takeovers in Great Britain, Germany and other countries.


One decade after going public, AKG became a part of Harman International Industries, Inc. The years after that saw lots of changes from restructuring to streamlining of product range and distribution strategy. In January 2010, Harman’s AKG brand received a Technical GRAMMY Award during the 52nd Annual GRAMMY Week festivities in Los Angeles, recognising AKG’s contributions to the art and science of music recording and performance through innovation and excellence in product design.


AKG microphones and headphones have a long history on tour and in studio with international musicians ranging from Frank Sinatra, Aerosmith, Peter Gabriel, Eric Clapton, Stevie Wonder, and the Rolling Stones to contemporary artists like Jay Z, Missy Elliot, Eros Ramazotti, Simply Red, and Kanye West. Music empresario Quincy Jones also used AKG equipment to produce some of his most famous albums and recordings, including the “We Are the World” famine relief song of the 80s.


Since its origins in 1947, AKG’s role has expanded beyond the music studio and performance stage to newsrooms, Hollywood film sets, and even outer space.  For decades, AKG equipment has been used by the broadcasters such as the BBC, has brought the world the exciting sounds of sporting events such as the Olympics and the FIFA World Cup, and has taken flight to the stars on board the space station MIR.


I’m not gonna bore you with a history lesson here so for more details of AKG’s history, you may refer to this page:


Alright, that’s my little AKG treat for you today – tune in for the reviews of my newly-acquired AKG headsets soon!


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