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Oneshift’s Automotive Holiday Gift Guide


From tech gadgets as a daily driving companion, to classy automotive lifestyle gifts and car upgrades, the Oneshift automotive holiday gift guide has something that car lovers, as well as non-car lovers will know how to appreciate.


Here are 15 gift ideas for your loved ones:


1. Samsung Galaxy Tab


Like how the iPad is the bigger version of the iPhone, the Galaxy Tab is to the Galaxy SII. This android-based tablet allows you to enjoy android based apps as well the Samsung apps, giving a large variety of entertainment options. The 10.1-inch Gorilla Glass display screen is scratch-resistant, so it makes quite a hardy companion if you are often out on the go.


If you are familiar with the iPad, then using the Galaxy Tab will be a breeze for you. Swiping across the menus takes you to different pages with your apps that you can categorise as you like, so each page can hold apps of a certain nature. There are navigation tools at the top and bottom of the screen that gives easy access to the apps home page, frequently visited websites, back button and even a screenshot function. Stereo speakers are placed on either sides (landscape mode) to ensure proper sound when you are watching videos or movies on the Tab.


The Galaxy Tab also makes a rather decent GPS alternative as it uses Google Maps like most mobile phones, but with a bigger screen. The thing about Google Maps is that it does not read out street names or guide you on when to turn, so you have to keep looking down at the Tab, which makes it dangerous while driving, unless you have a passenger to help.


2. Samsung Galaxy SII


Recently reviewed on Singapore Motor Guide, the Samsung Galaxy SII adds that professional and executive look to your image. This Andriod runs on a dual-core 1.2GHz ARM Cortex-A9 processor so using it was quite fast with minimal lag. Navigating the phone is by swiping the screen too, with four main buttons – Profile, Contacts, Messaging and Applications – on the home screen. There are two cameras as well, including a front-facing one for you to take photos of yourself.


As a driving navigation tool, the Galaxy SII has a Maps app and a Navigation app pre-loaded in the Galaxy SII, both using Google Maps that works on the 3G network. Google Maps is a decent GPS application but sometimes it might get a bit cranky, especially if the connection signal is poor. The Navigation app loads very fast too, even when indoors, and gives usual details for your route like the distance, time in traffic and also if the route has any Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) points.


The battery life could last longer than other smartphones I have used before, but I would recommend getting a car charger so you can power it in the car and use it as a GPS without having to worry about having no battery life left for your e-mails and calls out of the car.


3. Apple iPhone 4S

resized-20111221143756754This needs no introduction – the iPhone 4S is the latest version of the world-famous smartphone. The most interesting feature of the iPhone 4S has to be its voice-activated personal assistant Siri, which allows you to ask anything from destination directions to who your next girlfriend might be. With a faster dual-core A5 chip and an 8MP camera with all-new optics that shoots 1080p HD videos, the fifth-generation iPhone has lots to boast of its technologies although it still looks the same on the outside.


4. Acer Liquid E Ferrari Edition


Owning a Ferrari laptop is nowhere near being an alternative to owning one of its cars, but the handsome looks of the Ferrari laptop series reflect the just like the car, especially the one with the matte black carbon fibre case amid the accents of Ferrari red.


Other than the popular Ferrari laptop range, there is something that Ferrari fans might want to own – the Liquid E Ferrari special edition – a Ferrari smartphone. Based on the Android™ Éclair Operating System, this 3.5-inch touch screen phone has built-in instant communication and social media apps like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to keep you connected all day. Weighing in at just 135g, the 5MP camera has autofocus and geo-tagging.


5. Garmin nüvi 2575R


Also recently reviewed on Singapore Motor Guide, the Garmin nüvi 2575R has proven to become more than just a driving companion. It has an integrated driving recorder for image and voice recording of real-time videos which will help in cases of traffic accidents, as well as with an analogue TV that can receive all our local free-to-air channels and selected Malaysian channels. This provides a source of entertainment for your passengers and the channels are surprisingly clear most of the time.


Another function of the nüvi 2575R is the ecoRoute™ which is basically a report of your fuel consumption. Details such as fuel type, cost of fuel used and amount of fuel used are part of the report. With rising costs of fuel, this helps drivers to understand their driving habits better and see how they can alter any bad habits to save fuel and save money. While you are driving, tips on how to save fuel are also provided.


Like your smartphones and androids, you can customise the menu of the nüvi 2575R to display the applications which you want. You can even talk to your GPS with the voice-activated navigation. For instance, say “Go home” to it and it will automatically set up the route for you to get home from wherever you are. Planning routes with the nüvi 2575R can be done according to the fastest time, shortest distance or best fuel economy.


6. TomTom VIA 220


In November, TomTom launched five new products in Singapore with its VIA and GO models that boast IQ Routes, TomTom’s technology that uses real road speed information (instead of the standard maximum speed limits of the roads) contributed by other TomTom users to give drivers the most accurate routes.


Pre-installed maps include maps of Brunei, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore, just in case you intend to take your GPS unit with you when you go overseas.


The VIA 220 is the base model of the range, coming with a 4.3-inch touch screen and an integrated mount. The other two models of the VIA range – the VIA 260 and the VIA 280 – comes with Bluetooth hands-free calling. The VIA 280 has a 5-inch touch screen.


Retail Price: S$199


7. TomTom GO 2050

resized-20111221144040507The GO series is a premium range from TomTom, with a 5-inch fluid touch screen that allows you to use your fingers to zoom in and out of maps, like how you enlarge photos on the iPhone and iPad. Bluetooth hands free calling and an enhanced in-built speaker makes for clear audio quality for both navigation guidance as well as phone calls.


A worthy highlight of the TomTom GO 2050 is its Easy Click magnetic mount that makes it so easy to attach to the windscreen without having to fiddle around with multiple plastic parts. The World version of the TomTom GO has maps of 66 countries – Southeast Asia, as well as Australia, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, South Africa and North America, and major towns and cities of Swaziland, Lesotho, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi, Angola and Zambia.


Retail Price: S$399


8. AKG K3003 earphones


Some people feel that there is no need to spend too much on earphones, but you have to try it for yourself before you say that. The AKG K3003 from HARMAN is the brand’s most luxurious earphones ever and also the world’s smallest true three-way supreme audio earphones. This AKG flagship earphone product is hand-crafted, 100 per cent quality test after final assembly and even has individualised serial numbers.


Featuring new hybrid driver technology, the K3003 has incredible sound quality in its refined stainless steel housing, combining one dynamic and two balanced armature drivers and their relative position to each other in the housing to give it its compact size. The K3003 comes with a personalised tuning system where you can adjust three sound frequencies directly into the ear. Looking elegant in its brushed stainless steel housing with refined cable materials for tangle free handling, the K3003 comes packaged in a beautiful leather case to match its sophistication.


You can try the AKG 3003 a try at STEREO outlets any day from 11am to 930pm:


ION Orchard

2 Orchard Turn


Singapore 238801


Plaza Singapura

68 Orchard Road


Singapore 238839


Retail Price: S$1,599


9. Dunhill Carbon Fibre Gifts


It is not difficult for a car enthusiast to appreciate anything carbon fibre. Other than being used on the car for aesthetic or weight reduction purposes, carbon fibre is used in premium lifestyle products that enhances the image and make great conversation starters. Here are three gift ideas from Dunhill’s carbon fibre range:


Sentryman Carbon Fibre Ballpoint Pen

Genuine carbon fibre fabric is used in this pen, encasing it in resin the same way that carbon fibre is used to create the panels and frames on your cars or bikes. There is the fountain pen and rollerball option in Dunhill’s pen collection and this is the ballpoint version.


Carbon Fibre Rollagas Lighter

While a lighter may seem like a gift only for smokers, there are actually more uses to a lighter than just lighting up birthday candles or cigarettes.


Rotating Buckle Carbon Fibre Cufflinks

These stainless steel cufflinks with carbon fibre were inspired by the functionality of a watch belt buckle. It is actually a two-sided design where the centre part of the cufflink can slide and rotate to reveal either the material side or the logo side so that the wearer can choose black or silver to match his look for the day.


10. Porsche Design Gifts


Owning a Porsche may be out of league for some of us around here, but the Porsche Design merchandise range is definitely something that we can integrate into our lifestyles more easily than their cars. Here are some items from their catalogue that caught my eye:


iPad Leather Case $335

iPhone Leather Case S$155

The Porsche iPad and iPhone cases have the Porsche logo tastefully displayed on the front of its sleek and smooth leather exterior, giving it a classy, upmarket feel. Also, the leather is the soft type that helps to protect your gadgets in times of slippery hands.


PTS Soft Top Handbag S$513

Ladies are not forgotten too – the PTS Soft Top Handbag can fit a 15-inch laptop and can double up as a work bag or shopping companion.


Wireless Porsche Mouse S$204

917 Salzburg Wireless Mouse S$229

Porsche Vehicle Key USB 4GB Stick S$101

911 Turbo 2GB USB Stick S$101

The computer accessories from the Porsche Design Driver’s Selection has some unique items like the USB Stick 911 Turbo (2GB) that is shaped like the real 911 Turbo and even chromed with headlight LEDs and the Porsche Vehicle Key USB 4GB Stick that looks exactly like the Porsche car key.


11.Vostok Europe N1 Rocket series


Vostok Europe’s best-selling N1 Rocket series is derived from the biggest space rocket in human history. Previously it was at 42mm but has since been revamped to a 46mm case size. Housing 13 tritium or “Trigalight” tubes for constant illumination, the watch never needs to be charged in the sun and is always lit at the same illumination intensity. Also, the N1 Rocket has an external unidirectional rotatable divers bezel with a traditional divers’ scale and is water-resistant to 200 metres (20 atm) should you decide to take it underwater.


Retail Price: S$739 (stainless steel case), S$784 (PVD case)


12. Drager Interlock XT (Vehicle Alcohol Tester)


The festive period of Christmas and New Year means lots of parties and functions to attend. That means booze to boot. With an alcohol interlock fitted to your car, you might just save yourself or anyone who takes the wheel of the car from losing his or her driving licence. The Drager alcohol interlock device is flexible and can be configured according to your needs – the vehicle will not be started if the breath sample fails the pre-set limit.


Basically, before the engine is started, the Dräger Interlock XT requests for a breath sample. If the driver has alcohol in his or her breath above the pre-determined limit (that is set and controlled by you), the immobiliser system will prevent the motor from starting. The device can also prompt the driver to be re-tested periodically while driving. Fret not, the device will not affect the engine once it is up and running but the event will be recorded for archiving purposes.


13. HKS Silent Hi-Power Exhaust


You might face some difficulties in gift-wrapping this but those seeking to enhance their cars will not even notice the missing ribbons or wrapping paper. This sport exhaust system from HKS boasts high quality sound and performance, but at reduced noise levels so you will not risk getting your car scratched by annoyed neighbours. The HKS Silent Hi-Power is constructed entirely of SUS304 grade stainless steel to give high lustre, long-lasting performance.


Certain applications in a Silent Hi-Power muffler have an inbuilt “silent chamber”. This “silent chamber” eliminates most of the lower frequency noise that is often heard in the cabin even at cruising speeds. Its closed end design enables the “silent chamber” to remove such unpleasant noise by optimising exhaust gas flow for enhanced performance.


14. RAYS TE37 SL

resized-20111221143850164The drool-worthy TE37SL Super Lap wheels from Rays Engineering have been designed for maximising performance on the track with a reduction of weight (centre hub removed) and increase of width that allows for bigger brake kits to be installed. Lighter than the TE37, the pressed graphite wheels with red spokes may not require a large Christmas stocking to fit into but I’m sure performance car lovers will not mind losing the sock.


15. Michelin PilotSport 3

resized-20111221144707310Tyres may not be the most glamourous present to give and probably does not even cross your mind to be given as a gift, but a person who knows his tyres will be more than grateful to receive a set of these ultra-high performance Michelin PilotSport3 rubbers.


The PS3 has been proven to last longer and also give better overall mileage due to less raw materials used in its manufacturing; so less tyres are produced for the same distance and less end-of-life tyres are to be disposed of. The Programme Distortion technology within it helps it to maintain an optimal temperature under all circumstances, providing a level of flexibility required for good traction and more precise steering.


The PS3 also has this Sport Power Compound, which is a unique rubber formula designed to give maximum grip on wet roads, extend tread life and at the same time reduce fuel consumption too. Enhancing its safety factor is the Anti Surf System that Michelin placed in the PS3. It gives the tyre a rounded shoulder (in contrast to the square profile of a typical tyre) and so it evacuates larger volumes of water and reduces the risk of aquaplaning.


This ultra-high performance tyre is available from 15-inch upwards, hence it is not restricted to premium car brands or sport car models only.



*This was first published on Singapore Motor Guide, by here >>> Oneshift’s Automotive Holiday Gift Guide



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