All-girl Team Nissan takes on OCBC Cycle Singapore

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As we inch closer to the annual OCBC Cycle Singapore 2011, which would start from 4th March 2011, let’s see how the teams are preparing for the competition and get to know them a little more personally.

We had the pleasure of meeting Team Nissan’s all girls team on a Saturday morning right after their training session. The four bubbly ladies, Sanny Chen, Veronica Tang, Stacy Low and Jamie Swee did not appear a tad tired from the morning training and showed enthusiasm throughout the interview.



Cheryl Tay: Hi ladies, how is it going? With the competition just around the corner, how have you been preparing for the competition?
Sanny: I am running a pretty comprehensive training schedule for this competition consisting of cross training, swimming and of course, cycling 6-days a week!
Veronica: I train 5 days a week with 1 to 2 days dedicated to cycling alone. The rest of the days are spent swimming.
Stacy: I combine both yoga and cycling in my training leading up to the competition, cycling 4 times a week and covering a total distance of 400km!
Jamie: I train 3 times a week and indulge in other sports to prepare myself including belly dancing!


CT: Wow! That seems like hard work! So now that we know what you ladies do during your free time, what about when you girls are not on your bicycles?
Sanny: I currently training to be a teacher at NIE!
Veronica: I am currently an undergrad at NUS.
Stacy: I’m doing marketing in the IT industry.
Jamie: I am currently completing my final year in SMU!


CT: Since you girls are representing Team Nissan, give us your honest opinion of the brand and the cars!
Sanny: I feel that if I had to buy a Nissan car, it would definitely be the March as it is CUTE! However with that said, I feel they have done a good job with their crossover vehicles as well and I especially like the Murano.
Veronica: My only memory of a Nissan was when my mum drove one when i was much younger and I feel that it is a good car!
Jamie: My dad also drives a Nissan and I feel it is worth the money. However with that said, I feel that Nissan is moving in the direction of enticing the younger generation with their new range of cars and fresher brand image.


CT: Lastly, expectations?
All: Definitely a top 3 finish and of course, riding safely!

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