Afternoon at Santa Monica Beach

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My last full day in the States was spent at Santa Monica Beach, which is less than an hour’s drive from Hollywood.


There are two beaches within the vicinity, Santa Monica Beach and Venice Beach. I drove past Venice Beach but decided to walk Santa Monica Pier instead.


The pier was bustling with activity but it didn’t bother me as I took a slow stroll down the pier. 


536279_387780941256149_131620790205500_1169395_854951928_n580945_387780991256144_131620790205500_1169396_857790631_n303408_387781021256141_131620790205500_1169398_1419574244_n576119_387781131256130_131620790205500_1169401_359633358_nPacific Park is an amusement park located on Santa Monica Pier, including a solar-powered Ferris Wheels, apparently the world’s first and only.


I was hungry so Mum and I grabbed a meal at the Mexican restaurant called Maria Sol right at the end of the pier.


While waiting for the food to arrive, I walked around the restaurant to get some shots. This is the view of the pier from the restaurant’s second level:


Behind the restaurant was a lower deck…


… and that was where I followed this bird from one railing to another because I wanted a shot of it taking off. These birds weren’t scared of humans and we were so close I could almost touch its beak. However, it got quite disturbed by me intruding into its personal space because I kept going nearer and nearer in hope of it flying off so I could capture its taking off shot. I managed to get a few shots and these are my favourites:



The food was not bad – check out my salad:


But what made me a little uncomfortable was the pigeons feeding on leftovers…



We were sitting inside so it wasn’t that bad, but there were some stray pigeons pecking on the sole of my shoes in the middle of my meal. Haha maybe my Hello Kitty sneakers looked like food!


They had a photo service for us and there is no obligation to buy the photo but I thought it was quite a nice picture! 11 days in the States with Mum and we finally have a photo together (the only other photo we had together was the one taken at the Warner Bros Studios where she “pushed me onto the path of an oncoming train”.


I remember being told that you don’t need a licence to go busking so if you are in need of some shillings, you can put on a costume or put together an act on the sidewalks to canvass for some cash. This guy was having his lunch when we first walked past him to go to the restaurant – he was eating in such a hurry; either he was hungry or he wanted to get back to work quickly. He was drumming away in full force when we were walking back down the pier. Mum went over to drop a dollar note and he was so grateful:



It was getting cold when we were done with our meal and the winds were blowing harder. The pier was also a lot emptier than when we first walked in. I asked this guy, “Are you not cold?” To which he replied, “I am cold but I have to work!” Wow.


There are many rules that the Santa Monica Beach has and there are signboards all around to remind users of these rules:


Along the beach, I was watching this guy practise his handstands. He arrived, dumped his bag on the low wall, took off his shoes, hooked on his MP3 player earphones and then started his balancing acts. 


581150_387781224589454_131620790205500_1169406_710143039_n576698_387781287922781_131620790205500_1169409_1708571151_n558724_387781337922776_131620790205500_1169410_701072740_nI was decked out in multiple layers of clothing and was shivering beneath, so I really take my hat off to the people who are able to withstand the chilly winds and low temperatures. 


The lazy evening at Santa Monica was a nice way to unwind before heading back to Singapore (almost 20 hours in the air). It’s been a long time since I last went on a holiday with Mum alone and although she was a bit bored over the 3.5 days I was busy at Formula Drift Long Beach, I am so grateful for her company. Nothing like a mother’s love!


For more of my Santa Monica photos, view here.

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