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Good skin is very important – I mean, what do people look at first when they see you? Your face! Plus, it is especially vital that I spend more time and effort taking care of my skin as I am often exposed to the harsh sun rays and also the speckled tyre dust from the various motorsports events that I attend often.


If you haven’t noticed, I am not a fan of make-up and I don’t usually have anything on my face except for sunblock and moisturiser (which you can’t really tell from seeing like that). It happens to be a personal preference that I don’t particularly enjoy putting on make-up, but I will do so when there is a need to, maybe a huge gala event, a photoshoot or my own wedding!


Anyway, it was absolutely heartwarming when I found that Porcelain, The Face Spa shares the same sentiments with me on make-up. Advocating a light make-up policy, Porcelain believes that good skin is radiance from within and not having the best make-up to cover it all.


Of course, if your job requires you to have make-up on, Porcelain has the right treatments customised to suit your face. But wherever and whenever possible, Porcelain discourages the usage of concealer, powder or foundation – some mascara and eyeliner may do, as well as lip gloss.


Helping me to keep my skin in almost flawless condition (yes I do get the occasional breakout) is Porcelain’s Quintessential facial, RevitalEye Luxx treatment and a series of home care products which I will slowly introduce.


Located in Cantonment Road, Porcelain was rebranded in June 2009 after providing skin solutions since 1993. Lending her deep expertise and experience, the mother of Porcelain’s managing partner Pauline Ng has been in the line for more than two decades. Having seen all kinds of skin problems, Porcelain was created to cater to us Singaporeans with our tropical climate and horrible weather conditions. 230919_10150193926552710_602152709_6792812_5858484_n

Further proving their commitment to providing optimum skin care solutions, Porcelain invested and developed their own line of products, instead of simply taking on some French brand. They released their first in-house product in February 2010 – BALANCE, a sebum control essence. It was so popular that it was sold out within a month of its launch. Working with manufacturers and formulators worldwide, Porcelain’s exclusive skin care range consists of 14 products at the moment. Because they are in-house products, the prices will not rock your purses too much (I will share more in future blog posts). 36982_398714062900_125451572900_4339306_8341747_n

Gradually over the next few months I will share my skin care secrets with you and also go into detail about the products that carefully protect my face. I’m not one who carelessly applies stuff on my face as I worry about any effects like a bad breakout that will leave scars or something.


Skin care is a long-term relationship that you can build with providers such as Porcelain, like that of you and your hairstylist, you and your family doctor, you and your dentist or a racing driver and his car! The most important thing is to see results, effective results. 

5936_125463687900_125451572900_2478487_1687692_nIf you are looking to attain porcelain-smooth skin (pun FULLY intended), you may visit Porcelain at 31A Cantonment Road, Level 2, Singapore 089747 or call 6227 9692. They also have a Facebook page and a blog which I find very informative in helping me understand our skin better.


Let me know if you would like to head down and I’ll give you a special code alright? To you male readers, do let your female friends know about this too! Remember, the secret to great beauty starts with your skin!



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