5 Common Skin Care Mistakes

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purestock005079-1574r-0279a_nc-393x590Skin Care Mistake #1: Over washing your face

Many of us have the misconception that if you have oily skin, washing it more often will solve the problem as the oil will naturally be washed off. But please get rid of this misconception from now on, because excessively washing your face can do more harm than good. Whether you have dry or oily skin, over washing is simply harmful. This is because it dries out your skin, and your sebaceous glands respond by overproducing oil, so you will end up with skin that may be severely dehydrated but appears oily on the surface. This is why many of us are caught in this vicious cycle of over washing our faces and ending up with dehydrated skin while thinking that it is oiler than before. Continually doing this will cause your skin’s pH level to be unbalanced and will lead to poor texture and breakouts. Hence, over washing is an absolutely no-no!


Skin Care Mistake #2: Choosing harsh products that may not suit your skin at all

I understand that many of us are eager to see results in our skin care regime and we want to see it fast, but that does not mean you should always choose skin care products with the maximum strength. Sometimes, stronger just does not mean better, especially when it comes to skin care. I know many people with acne prone skin will tend to fall prey to such incorrect usage of products such as buying the pimple cream with the higher strength benzoyl peroxide thinking that it’d definitely be more effective. But please bear in mind that the high strength version is also more likely to irritate your skin and cause dryness which might even lead to your skin peeling. Hence, choose the strength that your skin requires, nothing more, nothing less.


Skin Care Mistake #3: Changing your skin care products frequently

There is an array of skin care products out there which looks very tempting to buy. Thus, many of us simply buy mindlessly without taking note of what constant changes in our skin care products can do to our skin. As much as changing your skin care products can satisfy your desire for wanting to try something new, it can also harm your skin and throw off your skin’s pH level and moisture balance. So if you feel that your current skin care products are not doing what they should do for you, try to eliminate them one by one and replace with new products gradually.


Skin Care Mistake #4: Switching your skin care provider too often

Many of us go for facials once every few months and we end up with different skin care providers every single time just because we want to find ‘the best one’. At the end of the day, we will also find that these skin care providers are just not producing results that we hope to see. We want clear, radiant, flawless skin, but it is just not happening! As much as we want the skin care provider to work wonders for us, this is simply not how our skin works. Our skin takes time to heal and we will need to be patient. Skin care is long term and you need to find a skin care provider that you can trust to hold your hand throughout this entire process.


Skin Care Mistake #5: Not applying sunscreen daily

I can’t emphasize enough the importance of sunscreen. So please remember to apply them you are out. UV rays can cause damage to your skin and if not taken after, it will lead to dull, uneven skin tone, as well as pigmentation. I’m sure we all do not want this to happen. So, invest in a good sunscreen and apply them daily.


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