30-day Bikram Yoga challenge COMPLETED!

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I never thought this day would happen – I completed my 30-day Bikram Yoga challenge and even continued past 30; this morning I went for my 33rd consecutive class.

296018_256498691051042_131620790205500_805210_376170984_nI still remember talking to one of my yoga buddies Meijuan and I winced in disgust when she suggested a 10-day, 21-day or 30-day challenge. At that time I was doing it three times a week and the idea of going for Bikram Yoga everyday was intimidating and insane.


In fact, after I started doing yoga (the normal ordinary air-conditioned one) I was hesitant about doing Bikram Yoga because I was worried about the heat. I started doing Hot Yoga first (60 minutes in the studio heated to 37 degrees Celsius) and finally I decided to give Bikram Yoga a shot.

315458_256498227717755_131620790205500_805193_961062447_n30 days of Bikram Yoga sounds quite terrifying and I’m quite proud of my accomplishment. Then I went on YouTube to search for Bikram Yoga videos and realised that a lot of people have done the 30-day challenge before. For a moment there I was like “Cheh…” but still I am proud of myself for doing it. I honestly never thought I would have been able to complete it.


During the 30 days, it was sheer torture too. There were days when I really didn’t feel like going for class but I just made the trip there anyway. The first hurdle is getting myself to class, the next hurdle is embracing the heat followed by getting into the poses and finally making it through the 90-minute class. 


I felt like giving up along the way and there were times when I questioned myself why the hell I’m doing this for, but I endured, I pushed on and I did it. Now that I’ve done 30 days, I feel like going on to 40 days (which means I continue till next Thursday before I go up to KL for the Merdeka Millenium Endurance Race) but my body doesn’t seem to be co-operating.


The last 3 ‘extra’ days that I’ve done following the completion of the 30-day challenge have been nothing but torturous. Maybe my mind has given up since I set it to endure 30 days? I might just go for one more class tmr evening and see if I can carry on to Day 40.


Meanwhile, here’s a shoutout to all those who joined me on my journey and braved the heat to try Bikram Yoga:

  • Ron Tay
  • Gao Minglong
  • Jamie Teo
  • Cheng You Zhi
  • Ben Teo
  • Gareth Chin
  • Justin Yeo
  • Rosa Chan
  • Brandon and Yvonne
  • Jennifer Han

Also, here’s another shoutout to the regular Bikram Yoga buddies I run into in class:

  • Lynette Lim
  • Leela
  • Michelle Ho
  • Goh Xin Lei
  • Jane Yeo

I must say though, I do feel a change in my body – both physically and emotionally. I can concentrate better, sleep better and of course, my body is back in shape! My curves are more defined, my tummy’s flatter and I’m fitter too!

296292_256498494384395_131620790205500_805202_1542232641_nI will still continue going for Bikram Yoga, maybe 3-4 times a week, as I look for other ways to lose weight now! Cheryl Tay’s target is to be 50kg, so join her on the next weight loss measure…




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