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I can’t emphasise enough how dangerous it is to use your phone while driving, so please make sure that you keep your focus on the road and leave your handphone till later when you stop the car. Paying a huge sum of money for insurance excess or for the car repairs is a terrible heartache but it wouldn’t be ideal if anyone gets injured in an accident that is caused by careless handphone driving.


Anyway, here is a list of road safety and useful applications for Blackberry users in relation to your car:


1. DriveSafe.ly – Free / Text’nDrive – FREE

Drivesafe.ly and Text’nDrive are two ingenious applications that eliminate the temptation of reading your emails or SMS while driving; both the applications will read aloud your emails and SMS in real time while you focus on driving.


The best feature about the apps is that it enables you to reply by voice. Take note that the voice response is only valid for the PRO version of the two apps at SDG$27.25.


The only difference between these two apps is the interface, so it boils down to a matter of your preference.



Download the app via the link below or use the QR code:




Download the app via the link below or use the QR code:



2.Vlingo – Virtual Assistant – FREE

Vlingo will be an app you will come to love, it literally turns your words into action. Simply press and hold on to the assigned button and speak to your BlackBerry, the app will then execute your search or command.

Another cool feature to note about this app is SafeReader, which reads your incoming emails or text messages aloud.


Download the app via the link below or use the QR code:


BlackBerry_AppAlert_-_Road_safety1_Page_2_-_Copy3.Honda Safety Driving – FREE

This useful application automatically rejects incoming calls and sends an auto reply SMS to the caller or directs the caller to your voice mail. It is easy to set up, and you can activate or deactivate it with a few simple clicks.


Download the app via the link below or use the QR code:



4. Not While Driving – FREE

Are you constantly getting distracted with you mobile phone while driving? Not While Driving puts your phone into sleep mode while your car is in motion using your cell phone’s built in GPS. As soon as your car stops, your phone automatically returns to normal operating mode.


Download the app via the link below or use the QR code:


BlackBerry_AppAlert_-_Road_safety1_Page_3_-_Copy5. Speaker On Car Kit – SGD$6.85

This app uses your phone’s GPS technology to determine your driving status, and activates the loudspeaker automatically when you receive incoming calls.

Using this app is as simple as putting your BlackBerry in the car cradle and starting the ignition. Think of it as using a hands free set without the accessories.


Download the app via the link below or use the QR code:


BlackBerry_AppAlert_-_Road_safety1_Page_36. CRASH – Car Report Accident Search Help – FREE

In the event of an accident, CRASH, provides your insurance details, as well as the other driver’s, quickly and efficiently on to your BlackBerry device. You can also record information about accidents, which can come in handy when dealing with insurance companies, body shops and garages etc.


Download the app via the link below or use the QR code:



The next few applications will help to tackle the age-old question for all drivers out there – where in the world is my car?


7. Where is my car? – SGD$2.75

This easy-to-use application registers your current location when activated. Integrating the Maps application on your BlackBerry, it automatically traces a route back to your last location, whilst displaying the orientation and distance as well.


Download the app via the link below or use the QR code:


BlackBerry_AppAlert_-_Road_safety1_Page_48. Car Finder – FREE

Using your BlackBerry’s built-in GPS, this free application remembers the exact location where you parked your vehicle, and displays a compass to help direct you when returning to your car.


Download the app via the link below or use the QR code:


BlackBerry_AppAlert_-_Road_safety1_Page_5_-_Copy9.Parking Tracker – SGD$2.75

With this app, you can save your location and backtrack with ease. The location of your car is displayed on a map along with your current location.

The interface is easy to navigate, and the added features allow you to take notes and parking lot numbers. There is a nifty alarm as well that reminds you of expiring parking time, potentially avoiding fines.


Download the app via the link below or use the QR code:


BlackBerry_AppAlert_-_Road_safety1_Page_510. Fuel Dashboard – FREE

Fuel Dashboard provides ways to record gas fill-ups and show history and statistics about your car mileage. The dashboard serves as a unique information center with important statistics at a glance.


The basic version comes with following functionality: recording of new fill-ups, shows history of past fill-ups, shows basic statistics and provides information in a variety of metric units.


Download the app via the link below or use the QR code:



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